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Fornoflex - Indústria de fornos


The best solutions in masonry ovens and equipment for pizzerias, delivery, restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets and hotels.
We have Wood-fire furnaces, FLEX (gas and wood), pellets and the best equipment for your business.



Only Cold Opener for Dough with Edges.

Divisora e Boleadora

Divider and Boleadora

Specific for pizza dough, with an average production of 800-1000 portions/hour.



Make your operation easier with the best and most practical trough in the market!

Forno de Alvenaria

Masonry oven

Get to know the best oven in the market! We have wood-fire, Flex (gas and wood) and Pellets ovens. Several options for your business.


FORNOFLEX is a pioneer in manufacturing wood-fire and FLEX (gas and wood) ovens and an absolute market leader for 30 years.

In addition to own ovens, the company also distributes on an exclusive basis Dough Openers, Dividers/Boleadoras, Troughs by the SIGMA brand (Italy), the Pizza Cutters and Sfihas Shapers by the Gold Machines brand (Brazil). We offer a mix of products to provide customers with the best solutions for your business.

FORNOFLEX recognizes that to improve more and more, one needs to invest in research and development, so we are always attentive to innovation with the best assembly techniques, to ensure to customers the best products, the best quality and the best cost benefit in the market. FORNOFLEX! Always the best option.


Being internationally recognized as the best in the masonry ovens industry.


To continuously provide services that add value to products and bring total satisfaction to our customers, ensuring excellence in all processes.

Maintaining a commitment towards continuous improvement, acting with ethics and responsibility in harmony with society and the environment, through a staff that is trained, motivated and committed to the company’s business.


Ethics, Transparency, Commitment, Loyalty and Respect for the Environment.


Because we have the best oven in the market (the only one with a 3-year warranty on refractory structural masonry) and the best equipment with the best cost benefit.

Our ovens are developed with high-quality products, which guarantee a final product with the lowest heat dispersion rate in the environment, superior thermal capacity, highest warranty in the market, rapid return on investment and high durability.

Get to know all the advantages and benefits of our products and see why FORNOFLEX has been a leader in this segment for 30 years.

Advantages and Benefits
  • High productivity with great quality.
  • Low consumption.
  • High durability.
  • Space Optimization and results.
  • Remote Installation.
  • Control and standardization.
  • Ideal Temperature x Final Quality.
Galpão da Pizza


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Technical Center

Our Technical Center is equipped with a complete pizzeria where you can test and approve all our products (ovens and machinery).

Contact us and schedule a time! Soon,

we will have three more technical centers. Wait and see!

Curso de Pizza Clássica
Fairs and Events

Fairs and Events

FORNOFLEX is present in the main sector fairs. We thank all our customers, friends and partners who attended the Fispal Food Service 2016. See you soon!

Fairs and Events

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